The M & K Foundation

Serving Oconee's Youth Since 1984

In the summer of 1983, two Oconee County Rotary Club families suffered tragedies within six weeks of each other.  Melissa Norris and Karen Nasworthy lost their lives in separate automobile accidents in Oconee County.  Don Norris and G.A. Nasworthy were Rotary Club leaders at that time.  The Rotary Club decided to honor Melissa and Karen by establishing a Foundation in their memory.  Therein, the M & K Foundation was born.  By honoring the memory of Melissa and Karen, the M & K Foundation supports the academic and leadership development of young people in Oconee County.  Since 1984, the Foundation has provided more than $231,000 in college scholarships and leadership training to over 260 students.  Every year we strive to fulfill our vision of fostering youth leadership, scholarship, and service today for adult leadership tomorrow.


We welcome your support of the Foundation and its goals.  Please explore this site to learn more about the history of the M&K, the annual benefit which raises money to support the scholarship program and how you can become a part of the M&K